Bruce Somers

Composer, Producer, Engineer


Music composer Bruce Somers has built a career crafting a sound that resonates with Film, Television and Commercial Producers as well as fans and labels worldwide. Recent collaborations include The Pussycat Dolls, Good Charlotte, Jay Gordon (Orgy), Toby Wright (Korn), Dylan McLaren (Juliette Lewis and the Licks, The Misfits), RA (Sahaj), and Sean Beavan (8mm, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Unwritten Law).

Bruce has composed music for film and television working with high profile directors such as Doug Liman (Swingers, Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, etc.), composer Mark Isham (River Runs Through It, Crash, The Black Dahlia, etc.), and Sony Music. Bruce has composed numerous national television commercials including spots for Mazda, Sears, Epson, Dodge, and Pontiac. Bruce’s skills also include being a music mixer and a recording engineer.

Bruce is the founding member of the alt/rock bands Kidneythieves and Shocknina. His experience in composing and producing has resulted in multiple label/network deals and national tours with both bands. Kidneythieves’ song "Before I'm Dead" received rave reviews from Billboard and Rolling Stone and a platinum album for the Warner Brothers film "Queen of the Dammed". Kidneythieves music was also featured in the award winning PS2 video games Deus Ex 2 and Dax & Jaxster. Shocknina won top spot with Fox Sports Network as the signature artist for their College Football Saturday series this last year solidifying an international fan base.  Bruce has worked with Juliette & The Licks on their CD, Four On The Floor, featuring Dave Grohl on drums.  Bruce has also done remixes for Depeche Mode, John 5 & Foetus.

Bruce has two recording studios in the Los Angeles area. Both studios are full Pro Tools HD Studios equipped with full drum sets, guitar & bass rigs, DJ rigs, multiples samplers, keyboards and synthesizers. As a multi-instrumentalist artist, Bruce is endorsed by Yamaha, Presonus, Sony, Sennheiser, Arturia and Neumann and  is a Pro Tools HD Expert rated engineer.



Bruce composed the music to the Northrop Grumman 27th and 28th National Space Symposium

Bruce just mastered the new CD by the "amazing" band White Collar SideShow.

Bruce just finished doing all the live production for Good Charlotte's current world tour.

Bruce composed the music for a new movie featuring Bernadette Peters called "Coming Up Roses" The feature was directed by Lisa Albright. Look for a theatrical release in mid 2011.

Bruce recently finished working on Live Production for a new Good Charlotte Track for the Bamboozle Roadshow Tour.  Bruce also did all the the keyboard sampling & programming for their new live set which sounds fantastic.

Bruce Mastered the new John5 CD, The Art of Malice.  John's music is always amazing and very unique. Check it out at


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