Bruce Somers

Composer, Producer, Engineer


Bruce just composed the music to the Northrop Grumman 27th National Space Symposium.  The theme was mostly a classical music theme.

Bruce just finished doing all the live production for Good Charlotte's current world tour.

Bruce composed the music for a new movie featuring Bernadette Peters called "Coming Up Roses" The feature was directed by Lisa Albright. Look for a theatrical release in mid 2011.

Bruce recently finished programming on Filter's upcoming release, The Inevitable Relapse, due in August 2010.  Please programmed loops, sounds, keyboards and vocal processing for the 1st single, The Inevitable Relapse. This was Bruce's first work with Richard Patrick.  The CD was produced and mixed by Bob Marlette.

Bruce finished up playing Drums & Bass as well as doing keyboard programming & string arrangements for the debut CD from Matt Reardon's new band, Black Sunshine.  The CD was mixed by Dylan McClaren at Bruce's Undercurrent Studios in Los Angeles.  "The songs are incredible and Matt is an amazingly talented singer and musician. "

Bruce recently finished working on Live Production for a new Good Charlotte Track for the Bamboozle Roadshow Tour.  Bruce also did all the the keyboard sampling & programming for their new live set which sounds fantastic.

Bruce Mastered the new John5 CD, The Art of Malice.  John's music is always amazing and very unique.  The records brings in a bit more of the old school sound with John's totally rippin guitar mastery.  Check it out at

Bruce just mastered the new 8MM LP for Latin America Release

Bruce is currently mastering the new CD from the Irish alternative band Echogram mixed by Sean Beavan (NIN, Marilyn Manson).

Bruce has been writing and producing material with Jillian Ann.  Jillian has a dark intense sound with a delicate beautiful voice.  Check her out at  

Bruce has just mastered the new 8MM EP featuring some amazing new songs.  The CD features 5 new "amazing" tracks and should be available soon.

Bruce recently engineered and worked on production for Ace Frehley's new solo CD, Anomaly. The KISS guitar player met up with Bruce in his Los Angeles studio along with Scott Ian from Anthrax and John 5.

Bruce assisted with production, mixing and also played drums and bass on Matt Reardon's upcoming CD.  His band's name is "Black Sunshine" Bruce played drums and bass on the single "Once In My Life" as well as other tracks.  The extreme skier has an amazing full rock sound and is also one of the top extreme athletes in the country.   Look for the new CD May 25th, 2010

Bruce just remixed a song for John 5's upcoming CD, Remixploitation, "The Lead Sprinkler" remix features Bruce's take on the shred master's amazing work. The CD is set to release in February 2009. Go to for more information.

Bruce will be playing drums with 8mm on February 27th, 2008 at The Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, CA.  Doors are at 8:00.

Bruce just completed a song for the hit ABC television show, Eli Stone.  The song, which plays over a George Michael scene, will be featured on the behind the scenes DVD to be released this summer. 

Bruce is currently Producing John 5's follow up to "The Devil Know My Name."

Free and Bruce are currently working on the much anticipated follow up to Kidneythieves Zerospace.

Bruce completed the soundtrack to the first American Anime Documentary to be shown on The STARZ Network in 2008. The documentary is called "Anime, Drawing The Revolution" and features original electronic music fused with ethnic and Asian influences.

Bruce is currently working with the band 30 Seconds To Mars on Production for their upcoming Arena Tour in February 2007.

Bruce just mastered the new CD from John 5 titled "The Devil Knows My Name." Look for it in April 2007.

Bruce just completed production for Geffen Records Recording Artist Adam Argyle.

Bruce completed Pro Tools production for The Pussycat Dolls and Good Charlotte's World Tours.